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September 2018  Monthly Newsletter  
Video Link to Passive House "Ice Box" Challenge
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September 2018  Newsletter
Video Link to Passive House "Ice Box" Challenge

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September 27, 2018


Video Link: Passive House "Ice Box" Challenge



This video is a good example of the benefits of a "Passive House" built above the standard building codes.
The video is just a couple minutes long.
As they say a picture is worth a thousand words...

Here is a link to a "Ice Box Challenge" in Canada.
This shows the tangible and most visible illustration of the impact of a High Performance enclosure, as compared to a "Standard" built to code "house".
This experiment was in Vancouver BC, Canada


The difference between the 2 Ice Box tiny houses?
1.  better air sealing
2.  more insulation
3.  triple pane windows

As an appraiser - the more information the Listing Agents can enter into the listings, about the "green / passive house" items (spray foam insulation, thicker walls, sealed attic, separate in/out flow of air),
the reduced cost of heat/air per month/year.  
This is all information we can discuss in our appraisal reports - which equals higher market value.

There are also special finance programs for homes that are "Green/Passive High Performance".
Just another selling tool suggestion for you.


If you have any comments or have sold any homes like these, I'd like to hear from you.

Happy Fall!


 Susan Sauer
(714) 328-3115

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August 1st, 2018 4:56 AM
OC-Appraisals, Orange Co, Ca Residential Appraiser
July Monthly Newsletter
Notes from a Probate Workshop
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Happy End of July   Hope everyone is having a Great Summer!


I want to share my Notes from the June 18th Probate Workshop sponsored by the Fountain Valley, Ca MLS – presented by:  Paul Horn, Probate Attorney & CPA.


California Probate

California Probate is a legal proceeding required to settle a deceased person’s estate, paying all debts of the decedent, and distributing the property to the heirs and beneficiaries.

Probate is the orderly method of distributing the assets of a deceased person following someone’s death. An estate maybe testate (died with a Will) or intestate (died without a Will).


Probate is the court-supervised process for identifying and gathering the decedent's assets; paying taxes, debts, and expenses; and distributing the balance to beneficiaries. Probate deals with transferring the property of someone who has died (decedent) to the heirs or beneficiaries, deciding if a Will/Codicil is valid, and taking care of the financial responsibilities of the person who has died.


Intestate Estates (no Will) require Probate for the appointment of an Administrator and to determine how the Administrator shall be allowed to act under that appointment.


A Testate Estate (with Will/Trust) generally has a person or persons suggested to be Executor (s).


Per Mr. Horn – if the decedent passed away with or without a Will….. There may be complications which may need special knowledge or handling by an attorney.


Without a Will the process can take 12+ months.   With a Will and Trust ~0-3+ months.

Basic Probate Time Line:

  1. Petition & Notice Hearings  (2-3 months) – File Petition for Probate & Hearing Date

  2. Creditiors & Claims  (3-6 months) – Gather Assets, File Inventory, Notice to Creditiors, Allowance/Rejection of Creditors Claim. 

     Letters (who is Authorized as the Administrator Personal Representative (the person that can sign  the listing agents contract). Letters DE-150 & DE-140 will name this person and the Authority: Full or  LIMITED AUTHORITY ( with Court Supervision: sell or exchange real property or grant an option to  purchase real property, or borrow money with the loan secured by an encumbrance upon real property.

  3. Inventory & Probate Appraisal (3+ months) Taxes, Prop: 58 & 193, Capital Gains, Estate Taxes.  The court will assign a Probate Appraiser (drive by/exterior only appraisal). Real Estate Transaction: Selling price must be within 90% of Probate Referee’s appraised value.  10% Customary Court Deposit.  Accept offer.  Report sale & Petition for order confirming sale.  Notice to Buyer, Beneficiaries, interested parties. Court Hearing to confirm sale & over bidding process, Court Order.  Close Escrow

  4. Petition to Distribute and Receipts (2-3 months)

  5. Finish

My take away: 

I would suggest if the property is mostly original or a fixer or highly upgraded, superior amenity or features, that you hire an independent, unbiased appraiser, so that you can submit this appraisal to the court when filing the Petition, in Probate Court.

The estate will need an appraisal if there was a Will/Trust for tax purposes, as of the date of passing.


Hopefully the “Estate” has hired an Attorney that specializes in Probate & Trusts, to guide everyone through this process.


Data: from Paul Horn Law Group, PC, Probate, Trust Estate Planning www.PaulHornLawFirm.com

Contact #’s  800-380-7076    562-474-1231     11404 South St, Cerritos, Ca 90703

Susan Sauer

Certified Residential Appraiser




Consider me for all your Non-Lender Appraisal needs.

 Susan Sauer
(714) 328-3115

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